Friday, 21 June 2013

Speed addition

This game is called speed addition . You have to solve 8 addition problems in 2 minutes or you get only 4 answers correct. Some of the addition a very challenges and some a easy. It started from easy questions to hard questions.

Mum stepped ...

Walt: to use better words

Mum stepped

On Saturday morning mum, dad, my brothers and my sister were going to my Aunt's house to see her because she was sick. My little sister liked to took her teddy bear with her and showed off with it. So she came with her teddy bear and then she dropped it.

She thought that her teddy bear was still in her hands. We were almost at my Aunt’s house. That is when she had recognised that her teddy wasn't in her hand. She went to cried and cried. Her crying could not stop.

Then she answered that she doesn't have her teddy bear. We had to look for it in the van. It was not there. So we had to go back home and look for her teddy bear.

When we get home my mum did not see my little sisters teddy bear. She stepped on it. My little sisters teddy bear was muddy. My mum said sorry I stepped on your teddy bear. Then she started to cry.

My mum then gave my little sister $2.00. My sister felt real happy. She asked my mum if she can go to the shop said on way to Aunt's house and my mum okay.

When she went in she came back out and called my mum. My mum went in and there were lots of thing  then my mum went in and she went and got thing that a expensive.                

Friday, 14 June 2013

counting shapes

This game was kind of hard to playThis is the maths game that I played today. It was easy in the beginning but then it got harder.  But you have to count the amount of blocks that fall down.


Walt:write an information report

In Ancient Egypt this is what they do to make a mummy. The people take out the brain except the heart. They salt the body. Then put cloth inside the body so the body can stay in shape. After that they use the bandage to wrap around the body. Priest get instruments to touch the mummies with because the Ancient Egyptians believe that the priest would send the spirit to the next world    

Friday, 7 June 2013

This is a photo of the  veggies and fruits that the farmers grow. It was grapes,watermelon, onions and lots of other fruits and veggies. They grow these veggies and fruit in Egypt.
Walt:write the story of tutankhamun (Tut)

Tut was a king after his father had died. He was a king of Ancient Egypt. Tut had ruled from in 1333BC to 1324BC. Tut was 8 or 9 when we got to be the king. Tut was 18 years old when he  died.

He had died because he had an infected leg. The other theory about the death is he suffered a blow to the back of the head. Tut’s head was cracked. The doctor had found out that he had a fracture. It is believed that he had got murdered and got hit on the head. We do not know exactly how he had died.

Tut’s tomb is in the valley of the King at Luxor. People had found a mask that had belonged to Tut. Tut’s had a slight built but was well nourished.Scientists had found a bag full of gold rings on the floor.
This is to learn our times tables from our one time tables to nine times tables. I have been solving  some multiplication. It good because it can make you faster in your times tables. So when your teacher and you a just like that. Then the teacher will know that the maths games that they  giving you. It is like you a choosing  a fish to be you pet or friend but with answers on your pets tank.