Friday, 30 August 2013


Darren is a little boy. Whenever he is scared he played his drums. His mum was having a baby. So his cousin shouted at him. He started to play his drums. He calls his pop every night before he go to sleep. He called his pop to remind him to sleep.

Then his aunt came and took him to are room and there were no roof and light is they used a lamp. So the aunt left and then Darren start getting scared. So he played his drums. Then he remembered that he had not called his pop so he slowly got out of bed and went to the phone and called his pop and remind him to go to sleep.

Then he felt happy because that was over.    

Tally chart

In my maths group we had to play this game. It is easy to play because I have to put the bars next to the right number. When you colour the have to press the plus and for the numbers to. This tally chart is not like some tally charts to have the same amount of people that likes the colors.  

Cantik the tiger

Walt:write a report on the Sumatran Tiger

On 28  August 2013 a Sumatran tiger died at the Wellington Zoo. Her name was Cantik. She had 20  cubs and now her cubs are in Australasia. She came from  the Netherlands  to Wellington in 1994.  She  had lived for over 20 years.

When the Sumatran tigers have cubs they live with their mothers and then the father leaves and they never get contact with their father.  She had died  from cancer and arthritis. It is sad because she was only 21 years old.  

Everyone must be sad because how Cantik had passed away. It is sad for the zoo keepers too. They probably miss Cantik a lot and the people that knew Cantik. It is a very sad story.



Friday, 23 August 2013


Indenfying unit fraction

This game is about Identifying unit fractions. It is a game that will help with the fractions. Some fractions come in numbers and some come in diagrams. I find some tricky and some easy, most of these  are simple. It’s fun and great learning too. The number on top is the numerator and the number on the bottom is the denominator. I would like to learn more about this because aspect because it was a bit tricky. It would help if they made the questions more hard. I know that was the answer because there is only one shaded out of two parts.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Understanding fraction

The game I played was how to understand fractions. It is very changing but I try I get some wrong and I get some right. If you want to know how to play this maths game keep on reading. So you count the square and then put down the number on the square on the top then you count the circle and put it down on the bottom square and then the answer will look like this 1/6


Walt: write a rap / poem

Hey I am open
pass fast
I’ll just protect the ball  
Yea protect the ball and don’t shoot the ball                    
in the hoop because
it will come out as supe
I am just going to try the dribble,dribble double
nibble. You should try the bounce down not
the bounce pound.
I was meet to call but I shoot the ball
It pivot not hit it.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Prevention is better than cure

Walt: respond to the presentation given by the public health dept

Early this morning we had to go to the hall to talk about our skin and the sore throat. We the meet Vodafone warriors. There were lot of doctors who came to talk to us to. We had this special assemble because Crystal king had problems with her heart and It is very sad.   

But there was a man called Awen Guttenbeil  how was telling us how he loved sports but he was sick. Awen told us that one day he fell sick but he wanted to go to school to go and beat his friends at running. But then one day. Awen wake up to go to school. He fill sicker than before. So he went to his mum and dad and told them that he is feeling sick so he went to the doctors and from the doctors to the hospital. He stayed there in  hospital for 2 months. Than they said
that he had a whole in his heart. That is why you have to go and have your  thought checked and tell your mum and dad that you feel sick when you a feeling sick. There was a child who had the same sickness at Awen. she had a sore though But she did not get it checked.

There was a lady called Elizabeth who was bartending to be a the Vodafone warriors teacher and they even had a doctor to come and check there though. One of the vodafone warriors player came because he had a sore though. So then the doctor that went into their checked it for him. But when he went up he was a bit scared and sui to get his though checked. His two other friends had to count down with us to help sione say ahh. 3,2,1 say ahh we all said.     



Fraction game

This is a fraction game that I have been playing for maths time. It is easy but when you keep on playing it get harder and you got to hurry before your time finishes. I like this game because it help me go faster with the word that has I sometimes have for the teacher and because she gives me time with the writing sometimes.

Friday, 2 August 2013


Walt: write a response to the talk by Evan

When Evan came to our school to talk about how to save money. Evan was the best at telling jokes for money and for lots of other thing to. We enjoyed it because the way he was talking to us about money.  It changed  my thought and the way I am using money. It really helps with the stuff you a straggling with like the builes and  it may help your mum and dad too. Money is what a very help for to everyone. You can save some money too. When you grow up and have you 21st  you have enough money for you big celebration.      

Fraction game

Fraction game

This is the game this my group had been playing for maths time. It is a very good game it helps you with the fractions and if you want to know how to play this game keep on reading. So this game is a fraction game. You have to count the amount of ball that a coloured and the put that number down. Then make a line under the number and the count all the ball together and put the number under the line. It will
look like this.6/12 or you can do it this way to.