Tuesday, 25 February 2014


I am learning my doubles in this maths game. It was easy because it was small numbers like two and four .  I know my doubles up to 40 so I want to learn doubles that a higher than 40. I want  to improve my maths.

How to make a hamburger

Walt:write an explanation

Hamburgers are popular with many people.

First you have to get all the ingredients and then place it on a table because it’s much easier to grab close by. Then put the patty in the microwave. While that is cooking get the buns out place the bottom bun on the table the wait for the patty.Once the patty is ready get it out and the put it on the bun.

Next grab some lettuce and put it on top of the patty. Then  cut some tomatoes and put it on top of the lettuce. Then cook the eggs and then put it on top of the tomatoes.Then get the sauce and squeeze it around on of the eggs then get the bun for the top and put it on top of the eggs and sauce.

That is how to make a burger.