Friday, 21 June 2013

Mum stepped ...

Walt: to use better words

Mum stepped

On Saturday morning mum, dad, my brothers and my sister were going to my Aunt's house to see her because she was sick. My little sister liked to took her teddy bear with her and showed off with it. So she came with her teddy bear and then she dropped it.

She thought that her teddy bear was still in her hands. We were almost at my Aunt’s house. That is when she had recognised that her teddy wasn't in her hand. She went to cried and cried. Her crying could not stop.

Then she answered that she doesn't have her teddy bear. We had to look for it in the van. It was not there. So we had to go back home and look for her teddy bear.

When we get home my mum did not see my little sisters teddy bear. She stepped on it. My little sisters teddy bear was muddy. My mum said sorry I stepped on your teddy bear. Then she started to cry.

My mum then gave my little sister $2.00. My sister felt real happy. She asked my mum if she can go to the shop said on way to Aunt's house and my mum okay.

When she went in she came back out and called my mum. My mum went in and there were lots of thing  then my mum went in and she went and got thing that a expensive.                


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