Friday, 15 November 2013


It was a night of fun fireworks night. But there was once a family that had a son and a daughter. They had never seen fireworks before. So after school they were on they way back home and the mum “said,.”
to them I have a surprise for you two at home. But the daughter and the son were sitting there thinking what could the surprise be.

So it was six o'clock and it was getting dark mum went to her room and got out a big box and gave it to them then they asked what is this. The mum replied it is fireworks for you two for tonight. They jumped with excitement and hugged there mum and “said,” thank you. At seven o clock we will go outside and light them up. The two kids couldn't wait till it got to seven. Once the clock hit six fifty nine they went outside.

The dad got one out light it up and “said,” move back. They watched while the beautiful colours went up in to the sky. Their dad got out and another one light it up and “said,” move back but this one was so loud after that. Their mum got one spinning one out and light it up and “said,” move back the spinning firework went round and round with lots of colours and then after they light all of it then went back inside and made a thank you letter for their mum and dad.      


Carolee said...

Hi Tupou your story is interesting , was it hard to write ?

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