Friday, 9 August 2013

Prevention is better than cure

Walt: respond to the presentation given by the public health dept

Early this morning we had to go to the hall to talk about our skin and the sore throat. We the meet Vodafone warriors. There were lot of doctors who came to talk to us to. We had this special assemble because Crystal king had problems with her heart and It is very sad.   

But there was a man called Awen Guttenbeil  how was telling us how he loved sports but he was sick. Awen told us that one day he fell sick but he wanted to go to school to go and beat his friends at running. But then one day. Awen wake up to go to school. He fill sicker than before. So he went to his mum and dad and told them that he is feeling sick so he went to the doctors and from the doctors to the hospital. He stayed there in  hospital for 2 months. Than they said
that he had a whole in his heart. That is why you have to go and have your  thought checked and tell your mum and dad that you feel sick when you a feeling sick. There was a child who had the same sickness at Awen. she had a sore though But she did not get it checked.

There was a lady called Elizabeth who was bartending to be a the Vodafone warriors teacher and they even had a doctor to come and check there though. One of the vodafone warriors player came because he had a sore though. So then the doctor that went into their checked it for him. But when he went up he was a bit scared and sui to get his though checked. His two other friends had to count down with us to help sione say ahh. 3,2,1 say ahh we all said.     




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